Chios is the 5th largest Greek island. This translates into special diversity concerning the environment and its scenery. Central and southern Chios is the place where the estates of Phi Divine Goods are situated.  These places have mastiha trees, olive trees, pine trees and aromatic plants. Our two estates are situated somewhere amongst the typical Mediterranean plantation and the few cultivated areas.  The one is in Eso Kipos near the village of Aghios Georgios Sykousis and the other in position Nekta, near the village Vouno. In these two estates grow 120 olive trees, mastic trees, fig trees, mulberry trees, myrtles, laurels, and native Chian herbs and a series of other native varieties enriching the biodiversity of the ecosystem and assisting with healthy intercropping.


Both estates are under conversion from conventional to organic farming, having successfully passed the second inspection of TUV HELLAS.

The laboratory along with our offices is located in Lefkonia, near the unique area of Kampos in Chios.  This is where the drying, the packaging and the standardization of aromatic herbs takes place, based on the standards of ISO 22000:2005 and the certification of TUV HELLAS. This is where we hatch out our plans, make our tests and fill the neighborhood with smells!