Chios is situated in the Southeastern of Europe, in Greece, in its Northeastern island complex.

Chios is a Greek island of the eastern Aegean Sea located near the Asia Minor Coast, 7 kilometers away and at the level of Erythraia peninsula…

The Regional Unit of Chios consists of three islands. The central and largest, Chios and two smaller ones, Oinousses and Psara, accordingly embellishing in uniformity the Northeastern and Northwestern end.

Chios is known all over the world as the mastiha’s island, possessing rich agricultural mainland and a lacy coastline. The thing that is beyond doubt characteristic and impressive for the visitor, is its peculiarity and diversity. The island is mountainous having as the tallest peak the Pelinaio Mountain (1260 meters), and producing mainly mastiha, olive oil, almonds, citrus fruits, wine and vegetables.

The most famous product of the island is, of course, the one produced only in Chios, the mastiha, stemming from a kind of schinus.

The geographic position, the climate and the soil, but mainly the historical framework of Chios, is extremely rich and of particular interest.

The Antiquity, the Byzantine Period, the Genoese Period, the Turkish rule and the liberation are the main historical periods of the island.

The signs and influence of each period have been imprinted on the cultural landscape of Chios composing nowadays a unique puzzle where images, fortified settlements, brilliant Christian Monuments, small churches and monasteries and imposing mansions of distinctive architecture stand out.

During its centuries-long history, Chios contributed significantly to the development of the culture of Greece. Many inhabitants of Chios exceled on literature and art.

Besides, Chios is claiming the fatherhood of Homer.

Tradition says that the small port of Vrontados, and specifically the position Daskalopetra as it is named nowadays, is connected with the foundation and functioning of Homerid schools.

Also, numerous famous creators of ancient times such as Theopompus, Ion, Melas where from Chios. Recent creators such as Vamvas, Roidis, and Psycharis have origins from the beautiful island of Chios.

Chios remains, touristically, an unexplored destination. It is a stunning, noble and fragrant place, with remainders of old civilizations sparsely allocated in its 66 villages. From East to West and from North to South, Chios remains a surprise for the visitor. The combination of wild nature with thousand years of history, the cultivation of mastiha and tangerine with the myths and traditions of seamanship, create the urgency for discovery. Of course, the Aegean Archipelago has endowed with its beauties the island’s seashores and beaches. Golden sand, white or black pebble, whichever is your preference, Chios can satisfy it.

Archaeological digging and historians place Chios at the center of interest from Neolithic age up to the new historical times. A place rich and charming, leaving indifferent none of the aspiring conquerors. However, although its plight, it maintained its humane characteristics, having as a main characteristic its hospitality.

A place that is ready to welcome you.