Organic Herbal Blend with Wild Mint
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Organic Herbal Blend with Wild Mint


Organic Herbal blend with Wild mint (Menta Pulegium)- Lavender- Orange peels. 30g

Organic Greek Herbal Blend which soothes the soul and clears the mind.

Wild Mint, Lavender, Orange peels.

The wild mint is a really refreshing herb. It soothes and calms the spirit, the mind and the body.

Lavender helps you to maintain low stress levels and keep anxiety away.

The orange peels add dimension to the herbal blend and they are full of vitamins.

Greek organic aromatic plants, grown with care and dedication to organic farming and processed through the traditional method of natural drying. The colour and aroma remain unaltered by losing nothing in the process. It is the absolute scent of the Greek summer.

The organic aromatic herbs of Phi Divine Goods satisfy our need for tonic beverages during the day, contributing effectively to combating a cold and rendering even the most mundane plate to a delicious one!

Warning! Women during pregnancy or lactation/breastfeeding should avoid its consumption or ask their doctor first.

For each cup (250ml), pour boiled water over 1-2g (1-2 teaspoons) of the herbal blend and let it brew for 5-7min, then filter and enjoy! For a sweeter taste try it with the Pine Honey Spread with Chios Mastiha from Phi Divine Goods

*We strongly recommend you to try it cold too! Follow the instructions above, let the beverage to cool, add ice and enjoy!

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