Divine Handmade Pasta Gift Box
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Divine Handmade Pasta Gift Box


Handmade, traditional pasta with the absolute essence of Chios island.

World-renowned Chian tangerine and Chios mastic. Produced with care.
2 packs x 500g

With Chios Mastic

One of the oldest spices, probably the most charming in the Mediterranean area, gives our pasta intense flavor that brings back memories of Greek summers. Turn even the simplest recipe into a gourmet delight and enjoy the beneficial properties of Chios Mastic in every meal.

From Chios and only in Chios

In the East Aegean Sea, somewhere on the crossroad between East and West, on the island of Chios, mastic, a product – legend–, has been cultivated since Ancient Times. It is connected to traditions, historical events and cultural exchanges, unchanged to this day, sculpted within the culture of the Eastern Mediterranean. It is more powerful than ever, thanks to its scientifically proven beneficial and unique therapeutic properties.

It is no coincidence that in 2014 the process of cultivating mastic has been included by UNESCO on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO 2003).

With Chios tangerine

A small nutritional treasure has been grown in Chios for decades. The Chios tangerine is famous for its unique flavor, the early ripening of its fruits and its characteristic aroma. It adds another dimension of quality to our pasta, while at the same time boosting your cooking with imagination and traditional notes.

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