Divine Organic Olive Oil Gift Box
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Divine Organic Olive Oil Gift Box


Divine Olive Oil Gift Box.

Gift Box of organic extra virgin olive oil. 500ml.

Organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity (0.4) will deeply nourish and shield our bodies against the wear of time. The golden olive tree juice will elevate with its rich flavour even the more bland tomatoes, it will transform desserts into guilt-free treats, while it will also echo the uniqueness of traditional flavours in any meal you prepare.

It owes its golden color and fruity flavor to Adriamitiani, Kolovi and Ladolia varieties, traditionally cultivated in southern mountainous Mytilene.

This is the main difference to the bright green and distinctively heavier in flavor oils found in mainland Greece.

The collection of fruits is performed with care and attention, using manual means.

An undisputed cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, the olive oil nourishes generations, raising Greeks knowing how to eat right.

The organic extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamins E, A, K and D and is necessary for the protection of the organism against free radicals.

And as Odysseus Elytis has written:

‘’Noontime of July…

Even if olive groves did not exist…

I would have invented them.’’

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