Euclides, Fibonacci and Le Corbusier tried to interpret and capitalize on the divine proportion – Phi (Φ)  – which was firstly used by Pheidias in order to design Parthenon. With Phi (-Φ-) as its symbol, Phi Divine Goods gives prominence to the fact that the source of this divine harmony is nature, being, moreover, the womb of all of our products.

Nutritious, natural, flavorful and reinvigorating, our products “resonate to the human being from an inevitably organic source”, as they contain all those elements that constituted the basis of human nutrition for several millennia.

All of us in Phi share a common vision. We are on a journey that has nature as a guide. We are dedicated to the idea that everything on earth, from plants to the human body itself, develops as one divine being, in perfect balance.

We work with passion so that our products come closer to this golden ratio at all levels. These levels range from the degree of intervention of the human factor in cultivation, our continuous training and the constructive collaboration with specialized producers, up to the production of the final product and its provision through a sophisticated packaging.