Nature knows best

The golden section can be found everywhere. In mathematics, in art, in nature.
This perfect balance, this divine proportion reminds us of the greatness of being.
The air we breathe, the smell of freshly cut thyme, the first summer dive, the distinctive taste of mastic. All these valuable goods mobilize our senses and invite us to enjoy them.

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Divine Goods

Phi Divine Goods

Euclid, Fibonacci and Le Corbusier tried to analyse and approximate the golden ratio -Phi- that was used for the first time by Phidias while designing the Parthenon. With the Greek letter Phi (Φ) as its symbol, Phi Divine Goods showcases that this divine harmony originates from nature, the source of all our products.

Nutritious, natural, tasty and energising, «they resound in man by an organic inevitability», as they contain what has been the nutritional basis for mankind for thousands of years…

Organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity (0.4) will deeply nourish and shield our bodies against the wear of time. The golden olive tree juice will elevate with its rich flavour even the more bland tomatoes, it will transform desserts into guilt-free treats, while it will also echo the uniqueness of traditional flavours in any meal you prepare.

We prepare our traditional handmade pasta with passion and care, inspired by traditional recipes and local ingredients. Maintaining the golden ratio even in pasta, we combine tradition and innovation by incorporating the aromatic tangerine and the unique mastic from Chios into coarse semolina and water. Our pasta will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

All the sweetness of life can fit in a spoonful if that spoonful is honey.

Our aromatic thyme honey is collected with care in the Greek islands. In many cultures it is used as a medicine, as the care with which it is produced by bees and the essential oils of Greek thyme render it soothing and sweet, thus it is used not only in cooking and confectionery, but also in cosmetics!

When we harmoniously combine the sweetness of life with a unique Greek agricultural product, such as Chios mastic, then we have the golden ratio in our product! Pine honey from Euboea with Chios mastic!

Pine trees offer us music as their leaves rustle in the wind and shadow during hot summers, as well as something else, something very special. They offer nourishment to bees so they can produce honey, which is rich in minerals and fragrances. We, in turn, add in the unique Chios mastic, thus creating an unparalleled final product. The mastic oil and the grated mastic enhance the pine honey and elevate our breakfast, beverages, desserts, and our cooking in general.

Our Greek organic herbs are grown with care and commitment to organic farming and processed in a traditional manner through natural drying. Their colour and aroma are preserved, as they are not harmed in the process. Opening a gift pack of Phi Divine Goods aromatic herbs unleashes the ultimate scent of the Greek summer that overwhelms anyone that may stroll on a slope filled with thyme and sage.

Greek organic aromatic herbs can adequately fulfill our desire for tonic beverages, they can mildly contribute to battling a cold, and they can make a bland dish delicious!